Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sweet Brothers

Jackson has adjusted beautifully so far. We had the opportunity to visit Faith's place on her birthday, Septemeber 26. We released balloons, said prayers, and talked about our memories of the one blessed day we had with her. It was a great time to reflect with Jackson. He wanted to make sure we weren't "getting two babies in the dirt." We talked about praying for Austin and tried to reassure him as much as we could that we would get to bring him home. Such a hard thing to experience at age 4 (and 30 to be honest). I think Jackson's experience with Faith has made him and extra attentive big brother. Jackson wants to give Austin his paci, makes sure he is fed, and checks on his whereabouts when they are not in the same room. He is so so sweet to him. Jackson loves wearing matching clothes, wants to put on the same lotion after baths, and wants everything 'like brothers.'

He met Austin 3 days after he was born because Jackson had pneumonia. He was more than excited to see us and meet his brother. Such sweet moments!
Jackson's first time to hold Austin

Austin brought Jackson some 'Happy Big Brother' day gifts. Jackson loved them!

Holding hands

Austin's first night at home...they had to have on their matching pjs!

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